About Rummy Game

Rummy is widely accepted as the most enjoyable card game across the globe. There are several theories on the origins of the game but the most widely accepted proposal is that it evolved from a game called ‘Cinquain’ in Mexico and Spain from there on it made its way to Europe and Asia. Rummy also has its roots in Asia as well, with the card game ‘Mahjong’ in China that was played and enjoyed as the popular card game thousand of years ago. In the 19th century, the same variation then evolved over time and was known as ‘Kon Khin’. Hence, this backs the argument that 13 Card Rummy might have originated in Asia and subsequently reached India.

The rummy card game despite the fact having a number of origin stories has transcended beyond the boundaries of the world and has now evolved into a highly entertaining card game. It is so well accepted and appreciated that it has formed a culture for those who enjoy playing this game. Online rummy has truly been setting benchmarks and is breaking all records there are for any online games with more influx of players and growth expected in near future.

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