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In this post, I’ve listed apps that you can download on your android phone and earn money and Paytm cash. All these apps let its users to earn extra money by sharing their referral code or referral link. I’ve given refer codes and invite links for the apps so you can earn a bonus on sign up.

What is Paytm Cash?
If you are wondering what the heck paytm cash is let me explain it to you.

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Paytm is a digital wallet app. The money in your Paytm wallet is called paytm cash. And the apps that will help you earn money and redeem your earnings to your Paytm wallet are called Paytm earning apps. In this, post you will find the best paytm cash earning apps.

What is a Referral Code/Link?
Referral code is a unique code that you are given by making-money and free Paytm cash apps. When other users enter your referral code during sign up you get some reward. this is most of the time a two way benefit as your referrals get some bonus for using your code too.
The same applies to the referral link. You and your friend both earn rewards when they sign up using your invite link.
With the apps I’ve listed below you can earn free Paytm cash or real cash.

Top 60 Free Paytm Cash & Make Money Apps:
You can use this Paytm cash earning apps to earn some extra money without a job. If yoou know any other apps to earn paytm cash please comment down below.
PlayerzPot KHIM5938 ₹150 Link
WinZO Gold HIMC2218 ₹50 Link
Pocket Money M7vDoB ₹10 Link
Qureka HIMA3525 ₹10 Link
Qureka Pro 2703DC3C ₹10 Link
Ewar Games QBFV9DRFTK ₹35 Link
OneAd BG29SP7 ₹4 Link
CashOut R1K15DNX 200 coins Link
AppKarma siter 300 points Link
CashKarma siter 300 points Link
MooCash CBGXZI 100 Coins Link
PaisaWapas ZV6TS ₹100 Link
PowerPredictor SLEDQN 750 Coins Link
Qeeda 62m08636 ₹20 Link
Mall91 GBDZT ₹15 Link
Savemonk hima2rsj3 Link
ThePanelStation 29CB2F 500 Points Link
CashnGifts M6vwDq2B Link
Amulyam 50 points Link
Nostra Pro HIM2880 ₹100 Link
AppNana k25694529 2,500 Nanas Link
TaskBucks Nil ₹3 Link
LopScoop Link
RozDhan 04HCH ₹50 Link
MPL WUEK73 ₹50 Link
GameGully 06F9D2E4 ₹10 Link
Lucky Day Link
iRazoo FTMKGE 500 Points Link
Cash Go RIFYO6 Link
Crownit crowneq2t 50 Crowns Link
CricPlay infosmush 50 coins Link
FeaturePoints GKF2YK 50 points Link
CashBoss Link
Games Adda sle2329 2000 coins Link
PaytmFirstGames Nil 20 Points Link
PredCred khD98DDX2 500 Creds Link
Rooter 100 coins Link
ThunderPod CAS0530 500 coins Link
Pocket League kFQrR1jI ₹10 Link
MiniJoy MNJ5JJ ₹39 Link
mGamer mlCH8nY3rJ 100 coins Link
dGamer 77420 250 coins Link
BuzzBreak B11716390 1000 points Link
Daily Buzzer 21264 300 coins Link
GamersPocket 882292 ₹10 Link
Luck Chance 85829 0 Link
Ludo Supreme Gold UMT9RIN ₹20 Link
Earn Money Pro 0DQ8K9 ₹50 Link
Granny Rewards 10 Points Link
Ludo Circle DjhVOQba ₹10 Link
GrowFitter CASHIHKX 1 Point Link
Ludo Empire Rwz2OFuJ ₹20 Link
Frizza PCH61YQF ₹5 Link
How to Earn Free Paytm Cash:
It is very simple to earn paytm cash for free by using the apps that I’ve listed above. You just have to download the app using the given links and register with the referral code for sign up bonus. After that, the app will show you tutorials that will help you understand what you need to do to earn Paytm cash.

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