Real money 7up down game

This is a dice game where the dice is thrown and the player can bet on 3 numbers – numbers below 7(7 Down), Number 7(Lucky 7) and numbers above 7(7 Up). On numbers below and above 7 the players get double their stake and on Lucky 7 the players get 3 times their stake.

Initially, 500 coins are there and one can bet on any of the following:
1. Numbers below 7 – 7 Down
2. Number 7 – Lucky 7
3. Numbers above 7 – 7 Up

If your bet amount is say 50 coins, then betting on 7 Down and you will get twice the coins, if sum of numbers on dice is less than 7. So, your net coins will increase by 50 coins. If sum is not less than 7 then you will lose 50 coins.

Similarly, for 7 Up, you will win if sum of numbers on dice is more than 7.

For Lucky 7, you should get sum of numbers on dice to be exact 7. Here you will get thrice the number of coins bet, if you win.

Happy Playing!!

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