Royally Rummy Apk Download ₹51 Bonus New Royally Rummy App

Royally Rummy, Royally Rummy Apk, Royally Rummy App, Royally Rummy App Download, Royally Rummy Apk Download, Royally Rummy Download, Hi Referralcodeapp readers here i am back with another Great Rummy App like Rummy Modern and Rummy Nabob. We have been talking about many Rummy Applications in the Past and here is newly Launched Royally Rummy App which you can download as it is clear that i have received payment from Royally Rummy and you can also get as well.

royally rummy
royally rummy
It has been a long way this rummy game app came through as the people in India really want their life to be easy and secure that’s why now students are also doing small part time jobs but not getting success but now we have a gaming platform choice Royally Rummy here you will be able to download the App and start making real money by just using your mobile phones.

Royally Rummy Download
Royally Rummy is the New Apk is now Launched. This Royally Rummy Apk is going to be the same as Teen Patti Joy, Teen Patti Baaz and many other Teen Patti Apps. Here you will get Rs.51 as Signup bonus and many online earnings sources available in the Royally Rummy App. Happy Ace Casino App Download ₹/30 Signup & Unlimited Referral Income. I am always telling you guys that new rummy apps are the best ways to make money and Royally Rummy is one of them. So, you must download the Royally Rummy to get the best outcome from your smartphone.

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Download Royally Rummy App and Get ₹51 as Signup bonus when you will bind your mobile number in the app and complete your registration. As soon as you complete your registration you will earn your Registration Bonus. The bonus you get at Royally Rummy App is 100% usable and you can win real money by using the Signup bonus in Royally Rummy App.

The Talks about Royally Rummy is not over yet and so here is the winning trick for all of you so that you can win the money in Royally Rummy Apk easily. Just try this Royally Rummy Loot so that you can win and enjoy your winnings in your bank account.

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If i talk about the Royally Rummy app then i can say that this is the new Rummy App which is going to launch in April and you will be ready for this apk in the Middle of the April and will enjoy making money at this app. Since, i am using Teen Patti Rummy Apps from 2021. Royally Rummy App is launched from the App of Teen Patti Joy and Rummy Modern Company now you can easily earn money from Royally Rummy Apk.

Royally Rummy Apk
Royally Rummy Apk
Get Rs.51 as Registration bonus when you complete your registration at Royally Rummy Apk. Royally Rummy Loot can be shared with all of your friends but they must not use one mobile number all the time they use to register in Royally Rummy App and so for that you must have to create your own winning cheats in Royally Rummy Apk.

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App Name Royally Rummy Apk
Signup Bonus Rs.51
Referral Link/Code Link
Referral Bonus Commission 30%
Minimum Payout Rs.100
Payout Options UPI, Bank Transfer
Legit/Scam Legit
As you all know i am using the Rummy Apps since 2021 and i found it difficult to know that how new rummy apps are getting launched in large scale and all of them are getting this much of popularity and So here is the example of that the Royally Rummy is one of the latest Rummy App it also have the same fame as Teen Patti Master and Teen Patti Live Have.

To download the Royally Rummy Apk you will have to visit the following link and then you need to tap on the download button. So, that the download begins in the web browser. After the download is completed you can finally install the app in you mobile phone.

Until the Royally Rummy is not launched you can download my Favorite Teen Patti Apk.

Royally Rummy Apk is now Finally Launched and you can download it here and get the Registration bonus of Rs.51 and use the bonus to play online games as well.

As per now my knowledge the Royally Rummy Apk is legit and you can withdraw money from this ak easily soon i am going to Add Cash withdraw proof as my withdraw is in Process now. So now i have received the Payment From Royally Rummy and the screenshot of that is given below:


  1. Open the Royally Rummy App.
  2. Tap on VIP option.
  3. Then click on Buy button.
  4. Choose 501rs and tap on Add Chips.
  5. Add Rs.501 using any option available in the screen.
  6. After adding the money in your wallet go back to the main screen of teen patti joy app.
  7. Choose Dragon Vs Tiger game.
  8. Bet on Either “Dragon” or “Tiger” with Rs. 10.
  9. Suppose you bet on “Tiger”
  10. If you won, You will get 10 x 1.95 = 19.5 rupees. But if “Dragon” wins, Again bet on the Tiger by rupees 10 + 20 = Rs. 30.
  11. If this time you win, you will get ₹30 x 1.95 = ₹58.5
  12. But If you again doesn’t win and continue losing, bet like below strategy, which is the famous strategy for winning for sure!

If You Have any Doubt then you can also view my YouTube video for better understanding.

Refer and Earn Program of Royally Rummy is going to be similar with Teen Patti Wealth Apk where you will earn commission from your each referrals and the referral amount can be withdrawn directly in your bank account without any game playing.

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Like commission i said that commission you will get 30% commission from your each referrals Tax amount that means more the your referral will play more the money you will earn. here in Royally Rummy App you can earn unlimited commission because the 30% referral commission you earn from your referral is Lifetime Income.

More the People you invite more the money you will earn and your referral income is 100% Withdrawable without any KYC.

Download Royally Rummy
How To Refer and Earn

Open the Royally Rummy Apk.
Click on the Refer and Earn button.
Copy your referral link here.
Paste the Invite link anywhere and share.
More you invite more you earn
Share and Earn is also another way of earning in Rummy Royally App and you can earn huge amount of income here in RoyallyRummy Apk by just sharing your referral link and you will earn ₹100 from each successful referral from 3rd referral onwards.

You will earn ₹80 for the first referral.
You will earn ₹90 for the second.
You will earn ₹100 from the 3rd referral to any referral.

The condition for this offer is you referral will have to Add Cash of ₹1000 or more into thier RoyallyRummy Apk Account.

When ever your referral will Add Cash into their Rummy Royally Wallet you are going to get ₹100 for the first time they will add ₹1000 or more.

Steps To Share and Earn

Open the Royally Rummy Apk.
Tap on Share button.
Click on Copy link option.
Now share your referral link anywhere.
There are many different and Unique feature available in Royally Rummy App and there are some benefits also available in Royally Rummy App. All those features and benefits are going to listed here in our blog article.

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Unique UI:- Unique UI means that there is very good User Interface of Royally Rummy App and very elegant look makes it better to use and smooth as well.
High Referral Commission:- In Royally Rummy App you can earn huge referral income which is lifetime 30% commission from referrals tax amount and Rs.100 for each referral as well.
Daily Bonus:- Here you will earn daily login bonus in Royally Rummy App as well.
Share and Earn:- You can earn Rs.100 for each successful referral from Share and Earn tab which can also be withdrawn directly.
Weekly Bonus:- Earn Weekly bonus in Rummy Royally App. This earning is only available for VIP member and more details will be provided at our blog as well.
Instant Withdraw:- The money you withdraw in Rummy Royally Apk will be transferred in your bank account instantly without KYC.
The VIP Member of Rummy Royally App will get more than one benefits and to become an VIP at Royally Rummy i will tell you the steps and you will follow them to make so much money from this Rummy Teen Patti Royally Apk as well.

VIP Level1 Benefits at Royally Rummy

Monthly Bonus:- You will earn monthly bonus when you become a VIP.
Weekly Bonus:- Weekly bonus is also available for VIP only.
Daily Bonus:- The daily bonus is more rewarding when you are a VIP.

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How To Become an VIP

To become an VIP at RUmmy Royally Apk you will have to Add Cash of Rs.500 minimum. In other words when you recharge your Teen Patti Royally Account with more than or equal to Rs.500 in total then you become a VIP at Royally Rummy App.

Add ₹500 & Get ₹507.5
Add ₹1000 & Get ₹1020
Add ₹3000 & Get ₹3075
Add ₹5000 & Get ₹5150
Add ₹8000 & Get ₹8280
Add ₹10000 & Get ₹10400
Add ₹30000 & Get ₹31350
Add ₹50000 & Get ₹52500
Add ₹100000 & Get ₹105500

  1. Download Royally Rummy from Official Royally Rummy Site.
  2. Tap on Download button to get downloaded.
  3. Install and Open the Royally Rummy Apk for Registration.
  4. Your guest account will be automatically created in app.
  5. To Create permanent account tap on User Icon & Choose bound button.
  6. Enter your details and Tap on OTP button.
  7. Enter the OTP and Confirm your account registration.
  8. Now you will get your signup bonus in next 10 mins.

The weekly bonus you can earn at Teen Patti Rummy Royally Apk as well. This bonus is only available for VIP users so you will have to be VIP at Rummy Royally App then only you will be able to claim weekly bonus.

The weekly bonus will be available for you on every Monday and will be there till Saturday as on Next Monday your weekly bonus will be replaced by the new one. The Bonus you can claim on every Monday and this is Redeemable bonus without any conditions.

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This Weekly bonus is depends on the Referral income that you earn every week. More the Refer and Earn income you make more the weekly bonus you can get in Royally Rummy Apk.

List of Weekly Bonus If Referral Weekly Bonus Ranges From To Then Extra Weekly Bonus

Rs.1000 – 3000 = Rs.500

Rs.3001 – 5000 = Rs.1000

Rs.5001 – 8000 = Rs.3000

Rs.8001 – 10000 = Rs.6000

Rs.10001 – 15000 = Rs.10000

Rs.15001 – 20000 = Rs.15000

Rs.20001 – 30000 = Rs.20000

Rs.30001 – 50000 = Rs.30000

Rs.50001 – 80000 = Rs.60000

Rs.80001 – 100000 = Rs.100000

Rs.100000 – Above = Rs.200000

There is no Progress Bonus available in Rummy Royally Apk because this is the new apk the creators of this app are looking for it to create it in a different way and also wants to give them new and many other rewarding feature and offers as well.

According to other App the Progress Bonus is only available for VIP players but here in Royally Rummy App even the VIP players doesn’t get this earning option.

There are huge number of games available in the Rummy Royally app as i told you earlier about this. This Apk will give you the chance to make money by playing online card games. You can use your mind to play and knowledge to earn money online.

This Rummy Royally App have more than 17 Games that you can play and beat your opponents and win real money to withdraw direct into your bank account.

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Other Games You Can Play at Rummy Royally App

Teen Patti
Fantasy Sports
7 Up Down
Car Roulette Dragon Vs Tiger
Andar Bahar
Best of Five
Fruit Line
Fishing Rush
10 Cards
3 Card Poker
If the users want to get some extra rewards from Royally Rummy App like Weekly Bonus, Monthly Bonus and many other then they must have to be a VIP1 Players and they can easily become that. The only one thing they have to do is Just Add Rs.500 into their Royally Rummy Wallet.

Royally Rummy App have the feature of VIP but the extra bonus you get on Rummy and Teen Patti Apps like Teen Patti Joy, Rummy Modern you will not get here in the Royally Rummy App so think twice before becoming a VIP player.

Minimum Withdrawal

Rs.100 is the minimum amount you can withdraw.
Payment Method

Bank Account
Here in this FAQ we are going to talk about everything you want to know about Rummy Royally App.

How To Add Cash in Royally Rummy App?

Open the Rummy Royally Apk.
Tap on VIP option available in app.
Click on but button only.
Choose the amount and complete payment.
After the payment is completed.
Go back to the app.
How To Withdraw From Rummy Royally?

Open the Rummy Royally Apk.
Tap on the withdraw button.
Enter the amount.
Finally tap on withdraw button
How To Refer and Earn?

First of all open the Rummy Royally App.
Tap on Refer and Earn button.
Copy your referral link.
Share that link on social media.
Progress bonus is also available in Royally Rummy App?
No, The Progress bonus is not available in Royally Rummy App so don’t think to get progress bonus.

Weekly Bonus of Royally Rummy is there or Not?
If i say clearly then i will tell you the tructh that the Weekly Bonus is also not available in Royally Rummy App.

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