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ummy Buddy App :- Friends, it is definitely in the minds of today’s people that we wish that we can do online earning, like some students are also studying online, in the same way some people also think about earning online, that’s why We are going to tell you about such an earning application that you can do Part Time Online Earning, and the name of that application is Rummy Buddy App.

Rummy Buddy APK
Rummy Buddy APK
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About Rummy Buddy App !
APP NAME Rummy Buddy App
Referral CODE 1285699
Even though Rummy Buddy has been launched for a long time, I mean to say that the application is old, but this application is Old is Gold, because with the Rummy Buddy Teen Patti application you can earn a lot if you want, but you guys We do not want to promote any one app to a very high level, so you can earn more than any one app, but we are giving you the suggestion that you earn by keeping any one app in focus. So you will be able to earn very well from that app.

Features Of Rummy Buddy Link
Rummy Buddy App
Rummy Buddy App
Many features are available inside this application only for you people, so that you can bring improvement in your earning, like you people have known this application for a long time and if you have used Refer & Earn Program inside this application. If you are earning using using, then you quickly download this application and install it on your phone and check, some of your commission must have been enough in it, and you can withdraw that commission directly. We have provided below some of its highlighted features.

Refer & Earn: – The most highlighted features inside this application is its Refer and Earn, in which you can earn very well, you can do it without any problem. There is an option to get a commission of 30% inside it.
Supported Games: – On the second number, we have kept that its games have been given a lot of fun, in which you have been given the support of total 20 games, the biggest source of running in this application is its games, which are given a lot. Which has been given a lot, so this program also comes out very well in it.
Fastest Withdrawal: – In this very fast payment is received, in this Rummy Buddy Link your withdrawal will be successful within about 5 minutes, you will not have any problem with this.
VIP Rewards: – In this application, you also get a bonus of some rupees under the BIP program, which you can use to play games.
What games are available in Rummy Buddy App?
Rummy Buddy Apk
Rummy Buddy Apk
Friends, there are many ways to earn online in this, which we have mentioned above, like you and inside all the games, please forgive, friends, we have spoken all the games, while all the apps should have been spoken. Like many other games are available to play in all other apps, in the same way there are many games to be played in Rummy Buddy APK which you can enjoy very easily, even though this application is old, all those games are available. It is present in all the new apps that are available to play in these days, so you can get an idea of ​​how great this application is going to be, and how great this application is.

IPL Game
Dragon Vs Tiger
Car Roulette
7 Up Down
Zoo Roulette
Ander Bahar
Teen Patti 20-20
3 Cards Poker
Best Of Five
Black Jack
Fruit Line
Ander Bahar Go
Fishing Rush
Fantasy Sports
10 Cards
Teen Patti
How to create account in Rummy Buddy App?
If you people want to start earning inside Rummy Buddy Link, in this application you can earn in lakhs, but to earn that much, you have to create an account in it, which makes an account with the help of mobile number, In which ₹ 41 Bonus is available, then you can easily create an account inside this application, just as you used to create an account in any other app, in the same way you can create an account in it too. To create an account in this, first of all you have to follow some of the following steps.

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You have to open it without any problem.
So two options will come in front of you, in which there are 1. Logon and 2. Play As Guest.
First of all, you have to click on its Play As Guest.
Now it will bring you to the home page, so you have to click on the profile.
There you will find the Bind button in the Binding section, click on it.
Then you have to enter Mobile Number, Password, Confirm Password and OTP.
So with this you can create an account in it.
And when the account is created then you get Rummy Buddy 41 Bonus.
Can I Play IPL Game in Teen Patti Buddy App
If you guys want IPL games to be included in this Rummy Buddy APK, then it would have been great for us to play the game, then the company has provided you an IPL game in this for this reason, which you can play very well, And in this there is also an option to get commission in IPL, which is if you refer any friends and that friends play IPL game in this application then you get extra bonus of some percentage game which is refer and earn. You can get it by going to the IPL option inside the program.

If you want to play IPL game in it, then the first game in its group of games is IPL game, which you can play and make your team and earn a lot from it, and let us tell you that if you have played China Friends Invited you get a commission of 2% even if he wins or loses by playing this game.


How to Rummy Buddy App Download?
Do you guys want to download it, if you guys download this app then you are going to make a very good profit in it, because first thing inside this New Rummy Application, you get to see a lot of games and if you If you do not like to play games, then many different programs are also given inside it for you, with the help of which you can earn money even by referring your friends, to download it, you can click on the download button given below. people can download this application.

Join Telegram
Add Money Program in Rummy Buddy Link ?
Rummy Buddy Add Money Program
Add Money Program
Friends, a separate program has been made to add money to this application, in which you will be able to easily add your money to Rummy Buddy App, and with this you will be able to bring enhancement in your earning, the best thing under this program is that in this You also get the option to add minimum to minimum amount, in which you will also be able to add at least ₹ 10 to it, which can prove to be very good that you will be able to boost your earnings without adding much of your money to it. , I have seen in some other application that the minimum amount to add money in that application is ₹ 100 but the best thing comes out in this application is that you guys can add at least ₹ 10 to it. Is.

In Rummy Buddy App you can add first amount of ₹ 10, and second time you can add money of ₹ 51 to it and in the third time you will definitely get minimum ₹ 100 in Rummy Buddy .Com, just like this program is quite It is more, you can add your money up to maximum ₹ 100000 which becomes very good that we can add as much money as we want whenever we want. I have liked this program a lot, have you liked this program, if you have liked this program, then you can message us in the comment box of this article.

How To Add Cash in Buddy Rummy APK
If you guys want us to earn by putting our money in this application, then don’t worry because now we are going to discuss about this program, with the help of which you can add your money in this application. If you want to add money to this, then we have given some of the following steps, if you have to follow them, then you will be able to add your extra money to this application very easily.

First of all, open the app and click on the Pay button.
Now you also have to select your money in Pay Online option and click on Add Cash.
With this, the amount you have selected will redirect you to a website.
There you have to enter your payment method code, and fill its information.
If you have to click on and Next, then a notification will come in your phone.
You have to check that notification whether it is the same where you want to add money or not.
After checking well, he has to send his money.
So your purchase will now be successful, and that amount will be received in your Game Account.
Add Cash To Get Additional Bonuses
If you want to earn by adding your money to it, then we tell you that if you add your money in this application, then some extra bonus is also given to you by the company, such as if you add ₹ 1000 in it. If you add the 2% round, you will get a total of ₹ 1020, in which there will be an extra profit of ₹ 20. In the same way, there are many such amounts in Rummy Buddy App, which if you add, then you are given extra rupees as some extra percent commission, and you can use that extra money to play games, whose About we have decorated quite nicely according to the following table which you can read below.

Add Amount Extra Amount (%) Total Amount
₹1001 +2% ₹1021.02
₹3001 +2,5% ₹3076.02
₹5001 +3% ₹5151.03
₹8001 +3% ₹8241.03
₹10001 +3.5% ₹10351.03
₹30001 +4% ₹31201.04
₹50001 +4.5% ₹52251.04
₹100000 +5.5% ₹105500
Additional Bonuses
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    Refer & Earn Program in Buddy Rummy APK !
    Rummy Buddy Apk Refer & Earn
    Rummy Buddy Apk Refer & Earn
    I have found this program the most powerful in Buddy Rummy APK, because in this program you can get a commission of 30 percent, I don’t think the company will provide you 30% commission, I think 10% in this application. Only 15% commission is accumulated by the company, but getting 10% to 15% commission is good enough for this application, then a question must be arising in your mind that only 10% commission is given in this. So how can it be good? So let us tell you that if the company continues to pay the same commission well, then there can be very good earnings, which we have told in full details further.

So for example, suppose if you have referred any of your friends and if that friend adds ₹ 100 to his money, then you understand that the referral commission will be 10%, then let us tell that the commission of ₹ 100 You will definitely get ₹ 10, in the same way if your 10 friends recharge ₹ 100 for ₹ 100, then you will get ₹ 100 profit by doing ₹ 10. In the same way, if you have joined a lot of members in this, then you understand that how much money you are going to profit in this, the same few members are very high level gamers, from which you will get very good profit.

Note: – What we have told you above is only for knowledge, in which you have learned how to put your money in it, but please do not add your money to it at all, but If you play games by adding your money to it, then you yourself will be responsible for it, if you lose in it then we will not be responsible for that.

How To Refer in Rummy Buddy App Link
To share the Affiliate Link given in Rummy Buddy APK with your friends, first you have to open the application, then you will get a share option below in front of you, if you want to click there, then you have to follow through WhatsApp, Facebook and Copy Link You can share the link of this application with your friends and there is another method too, you will get a Refer and Earn button next to it, click on it, even there you will get the option of Same WhatsApp, Facebook and Copy Link there. You can also share this application with your friends by linking the copy.

How to Claim Referral Bonus in Rummy Buddy 41 Bonus ?
In such a situation, we have explained this Refer & Earn Program to you very well, so that you will be able to earn a lot of Loot, and if you have received commission by referring and earning, then you must have known then Rummy Buddy App. You must know how to earn money by referring and earning money and transfer that money to bank account. But many friends face the problem that how to get their referral commission.

First of all open the app.
Then click on Refer & Earn.
There you will see your commission.
After that you get the option of Claim.
So you guys have to click on that claim button for that.
This is how you can get your commission.
Weekly Bonus in Refer & Earn
Friends, a Weekly Bonus has been programmed in this Buddy Rummy APK, in such a way, Weekly Bonus program is given in all the apps like Royally Rummy and Teen Patti King are given in the APK, in the same way Weekly program is also done in this. In this, if you have earned more than ₹ 1000 in 1 week through Refer & Earn, then you will get the option to claim ₹ 500 within the weekly bonus program. That was every Monday, the result comes that according to how much you have earned in 1 week, the option of getting additional bonus comes in the weekly bonus program.

If you have earned more than ₹ 1000 in it like you have earned ₹ 3000 or ₹ 5000 in this, then you also get extra rupees which we have provided according to the following table, where you can see That if you earn ₹ 3000 through Refer & Earn, then you will get ₹ 1000 extra bonus within the Weekly Bolna program.

Bonus From Bonus To Extra Bonus
₹1000 ₹3000 ₹500
₹3001 ₹5000 ₹1000
₹5001 ₹8000 ₹3000
₹8001 ₹10000 ₹6000
₹10001 ₹15000 ₹10000
₹15001 ₹20000 ₹15000
₹20001 ₹30000 ₹20000
₹30001 ₹50000 ₹30000
₹50001 ₹80000 ₹50000
₹80001 ₹100000 ₹80000
₹100001 ₹9999999 ₹200000
Weekly Rewads
Progress Bonus in Rummy Buddy Link
If you have earned in the first week and after that you have earned more in the next week, then you can also get a very good extra bonus through Progress Bonus Program, like suppose you have earned ₹ in the first week. 1000 and in the following week you have earned only ₹ 100, then you have the option to get total ₹ 900 through this Progress Bonus.

So if you want to get this Progress Bonus, then after opening this application, click on Refer & Earn, there is a Progress Bonus option just below the Weekly Bonus, click on that which you will get on Monday There will be an option to get this bonus on the day of the day and you can also get it quite easily, if this Progress Bonus program or Weekly Bonus program is not visible in your game account, then you will get more than ₹ 500. Money has to be added to this application, this activates the program.

How to Rummy Buddy App Download?
Do you guys want to download it, if you guys download this app then you are going to make a very good profit in it, because first thing inside this New Rummy Application, you get to see a lot of games and if you If you do not like to play games, then many different programs are also given inside it for you, with the help of which you can earn money even by referring your friends, to download it, you can click on the download button given below. people can download this application.

Share Bonus Program in Rummy Buddy APK !
Rummy Buddy App Share Program
Share Program
Friends, a very good program has been given in this, in which Upto ₹ 100 bonus is available on every invite, in which if your friends recharge more than ₹ 1000, the friends who will join your refilling, whereas if ₹ 1000 If you add more money than you then you get a bonus of ₹ 100, which comes out as a program with a lot of profit, I have found this program very good that in Rummy Buddy 41 Bonus you can get ₹ 100 as well. Option is available, this program can be extended further to any festival, so joining inside this application becomes very important, then you guys download this application quickly and start enjoying this application. This program has an extra bonus.

Friends 1 :- Get ₹80
Friends 2 :- Get ₹90
Friends 3 :- Get ₹100
Friends 4 :- Get ₹100
Friends 5 :- Get ₹100
Friends 6 :- Get ₹100
Friends 7 :- Get ₹100
Get Extra Bonus To Download This App
Safe Program in Teen Patti Buddy App ?
Rummy Buddy App Save Program
Rummy Buddy App Save Program
Friends, this program in this is very attractive, in which you can keep your money safe, as you keep your money hidden in your box at your home, in the same way through this program you can also keep your game account. You can save money, so that you will not be able to participate in any game, for this, if you have saved your money in the program, then you have to unsafe and play it in the game after that, then you can play games very easily. You will be able to play, because this amount does not remain in which account you have, and is hidden under this safe program.

But whatever you do or whether you hide your amount or do not hide it, the company is still able to see this amount of yours and if that company wants, it can also deduct money inside this safe program, then this thing is for you. Keep in mind, there are many people who save their money and tell the customer that we have saved our money, whatever you do now, our money is safe, but you guys make this mistake absolutely. Don’t even do it, because the company can cut your money whenever it wants.

VIP Program in Rummy Buddy APK
Many people have to get daily bonus in order to make more profit, so for those people there is a VIP program in which you can also get Daily Bonus, Weekly Bonus, Monthly Bonus and Level Bonus. People wanted to get the Daily Bonus in it, they will also be able to get it under the program of Daily Bonus in it, but when they go to get Daily Bonus in it, they get a very small amount in it,

If you guys want big amount in it then you have to get bonus program like Weekly Bonus and Monthly Bonus, but if you want to use its weekly and monthly bonus program then you have to upgrade to VIP level, that means you will get approx. You will have to go to vip2 or vip3 in which you will be able to use all these bonus programs, and if you guys also upgrade the ip, then there is also a bonus given on VIP UPGRADE which you can get quite well.

Withdrawal Program in Buddy Rummy APK
Rummy Buddy Apk Payment Proof
Payment Proof
Just as if you earn your money and transfer it to your bank account and withdraw that money and bring it home, similarly you will be able to withdraw your money in this application as well, but in this you will put withdrawal. It will go to your bank account only, then you will have to withdraw your money by going to your bank account, and for your convenience, we tell that this application is 100% verified so that none of your payment will be stuck at all. .

But when any of your payment is stuck due to any technical error, then you should not submit it again for withdrawal, otherwise you can also get Wagers, if any of your payment is returned then you should first of all through this application. Ask them with the help of customer support provided in the website that why our payment is stuck, if they ask you to withdraw withdrawal then you have to submit for withdrawal again, this will give you less chance of getting wagers Will stay

How To Withdraw Money in Rummy Buddy APK ?
This is such a great application that if you want to make withdrawals in it, then only after completing the minimum ₹ 100, you can withdraw inside this game. And the most important thing about this game is that you people get two more mediums of withdrawal inside this game, first you get bank and second is through UPI, you can do the following steps through any of these two mediums. You can take the withdrawal by following.

First of all, after completing ₹ 100 inside the account in the game, click on the Withdraw button located on the home page.
After that after filling all your bank details, fill your Withdraw amount in the amount box.
Then after that click on the video button, your withdrawal will be successful after clicking
To know its current status, you can see people by clicking on a Record button next to it.
Watch Video

Watch Video
Q.1 :- How much money withdrawal is kept in Rummy Buddy APK?
Ans. In this, the minimum withdrawal amount is ₹ 100, which one can easily complete and submit for withdrawal, in which your withdrawal is transferred to your bank account in about 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

Q.2 :- How much Sign-Up Bonus are we given in Buddy Rummy App?
Ans. If you want to get a bonus inside an application, then you have to create an account in it, in which you get a chance to get a bonus of ₹ 40 from this application.

Q.3 :- Why does the account get frozen in Rummy Buddy App?
Ans. If you guys earn a lot without adding money to it, then the company understands that you are doing fraud with this application, so the company closes your game ID of this application, which you can also freeze.

Q.4 :- How much money can be withdrawn in Rummy Buddy App?
Ans. In this, you can withdraw as much money as you want, but the company gives you the option to withdraw only ₹ 50 thousand a day, if you want to withdraw more money in it, then you can wait for the second day. , on that day also you will be able to withdraw ₹ 50000.

Q.5 :- How much money can be added in Rummy Buddy APK?
Ans: – In this also you can add as much money as you want, but you should try to add at least money to it, in this you should not try to add more money at all, and bet in more games then absolutely Don’t even do it, if you play more money in the game, then the company beats you.

Q.6 :- Is Teen Patti Buddy App safe to earn ?
Ans. If you will have in mind that this application is really safe for earning or not, then this application is very good, but the application of Rummy & Teen Patti of this category cannot be trusted, so you If people add any kind of money to it, then please play its games carefully.

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