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Taurus Cash– Hello friends, there is a very good news, Taurus has launched its new version Taurus Cash Apk. Through this you can now earn thousands of rupees every day. In this you have to login and then different Teenpatti Games have been given in it, you have to share its referral link and earn money. Taurus is a platform where you can earn 2 lakh rupees per month sitting at home. If you also want to earn money through Affiliate Marketing then this is a golden opportunity for you. In this post you will get all the information about Update Taurus App, so read this post completely.

In the Taurus Game Total Apk Available Like TeenPatti Master, Teen Patti Gold, Teen Patti Plus, Teen Patti Vungo This is all the game apk available in Taurus Game.

How to Download TeenPatti Master Apk
Table of Contents
Today is Most Popular Taurus Game App is Teen Patti Master This app is king in Market so You can Download it From Below Simple Steps.

Download Taurus Game.
After Install You Can See the Total Game Inside The Apk.
Now You Can Copy Link Whatever You Like TeenPatti Master Apk Copy.
Past Your Search Browser.
Download Master Teen Patti Apk.
Install in Your Mobile ad Play The Game.
Download 3 Patti Master Apk

How to Download TeenPatti Vungo Apk
After The Vungo Teen Patti Removed From Taurus Game Apk You Can Use The Alternative Game App, This Name Is 3 Patti Master, Now This is The alternative App of TeenPatti Vungo so Download Because Taurus Just Change Its Product Name So Just Don’t Worry About it This App as Same Interface and Same Feature.

Click Here Download Button & Install Vungo Teen Patti
Open And Login & Play As Guest
Click On Profile Bind Your Mobile Number , OTP, And Password
You can Forgot password or Change it any time
Download 3 Patti Vungo Apk

How To Download TeenPatti Plus Apk
Friends Taurus Game has closed its Three apps, Teen Patti Plus, Teenpatti Vungo and Teenpatti One. There could be some technical fault behind this. Either because all the apps on their side are also available, both of these games may have been removed. Or else the user may be facing some problem inside it and may have been removed due to more complaints.

Download 3 Patti Plus Apk

How To Download TeenPatti Gold Apk
Friends, to download this Teenpatti Gold Game, you have to click on the link given below and then click on Download. After this Teen Patti Gold Game Download will start. After downloading you have to install it.

Download Taurus Game.
After Install You Can See the Total Game Inside The Apk.
Now You Can Copy Link Whatever You Like TeenPatti Gold Apk Copy.
Past Your Search Browser.
Download Gold Teen Patti Apk.
Install in Your Mobile ad Play The Game.
Download 3 Patti Gold Apk

How to make big money on Taurus Cash?

  1. What is Taurus?
    Taurus is one of the fastest growing promotion platforms in India.


Now I am sharing with you the best way to make money at home.

Spend 2 hours a day and earn 200,000 Rupees a month.

It is a very reliable, secured and easy platform to withdraw money quickly to your bank account.

  1. Why choose Taurus?
    1) As of September 2021, Taurus platform already has more than 3.8 million promoters, and it is growing at a very rapid speed every day. Join now you will get quick benefits.

2) At present, there are four kinds of games in Taurus. In the near future, Taurus will support the promotion of more Apps, you can choose whatever you like to share.

Why choose Taurus
Why choose Taurus
3) Free training is provided on the Taurus platform,your questions will be answered during the promotion and we will help all promoters earn more commissions.

4) Taurus provides different support to promoters at different stages, including pictures, copywriting, discussions, etc.

5) You can get a super high and lifetime commission from the users you have invited. In other words, the longer you promote, the more commissions and easier it will be.

Taurus Ranking

  1. you can earn money by Taurus
    Here you have a total of 5 ways to make money.

Firstly, copy your referral link and share it to your friends.

Let your friends download the game from the link and install, and you can get 20 Rupees.

you can earn money by Taurus
you can earn money by Taurus
Secondly, when your friends recharge in the game, you can also get money, up to 30% of their recharge.

1 5

Thirdly, teach your referrals how to promote the game.

Let them share the game to their friends, then your referrals will become your affiliates.

You can also get a share of the money he earns from promoting the game.

This part of the share is subsidized by our financial account, and the income of your affiliates will not be affected.

1 6

Fourthly, let your affiliates develop their own affiliates,

and then you can get a share of the money earned by the new affiliates who are developed by the old affiliates.

And you can also see details about your affiliates, such as their commission today and how much money they have earned in total.

1 6 1

Lastly, buy discounted chips, and then sell these chips to your referrals, you will also make huge profits by the price difference.

1 8

  1. Taurus division rules
    All the game promoters here are divided into different divisions.

You can always challenge yourself to pursue a higher division.

The five divisions are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond.

Taurus division rules

The higher division you are, the higher percentage of commissions you get when your referrals are recharging, and the higher percentage of commissions you get from the affiliates, and you can also get a higher discount rate when buying chips.

Taurus is a great platform to make money without leaving your home. If you have a certain reputation on the Internet, then you will make more money.

Start sharing now and begin your journey of making money!

Getting started making money With Taurus Cash – How to sign up in Taurus Apk
1.How to use the Taurus?
Step1 Open the App

2 1 1

Step2 Click sign in/sign up and input your phone to get otp.

2 2

Step3 Sign in and go to the home page

2 3

Step4 Click the button ‘to invite’

2 4

2 5

Step5 select one game and click the ‘invite’

2 6

2 7

Step6 Send your link and share content to all your friends and all the groups you have joined. Send it to WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Blog and so on. Remember, the more you share, the more you earn.

2 8

2 9

Make Money Using WhatsApp to get 100000 Rupees Per Days in Taurus Cash App
1.How do I use WhatsApp to make referral
1.1.Find your sharing link

1.1.1.First, click the ‘Affiliates’

3 1

1.1.2.You will find your sharing link.

3 2

1.2.Make referral by your Groups.

1.2.1.You can share your link in the WhatsApp group. You can ask your family and friends to join your group. You can also share your link with your friends.

3 3

1.2.2.Send your sharing link to at least 30 groups every day. The required group can refer to the beginning of the article.

1.3.Make referrals by your friends.

1.3.1.Open the dialog box and send your sharing link to your friends.

3 4

1.3.2.Send your sharing link to all friends once a day

1.4.Make referrals by your status.

1.4.1.You can also send some pictures, texts or videos that contain sharing links in the status.

3 5

1.4.2.Update your own activity three times a day. Once at 8 o”clock in the morning, once at noon, and once at 8 o”clock in the evening.

2.How to add friends with WhatsApp
2.1.To add a friend, you need to know the phone number of the other party

2.2.Import their number into WhatsApp, remember that the added number must be saved in your own address book.

2.3.You can also contact people through links by getting their phone numbers. you can use this website to contact with new friends in WhatsApp. ‘’+’phone number’

3 6

2.4.You can search for “groupsor” on google to find different groups

3 7

3.How do I do to get 100000 Rupees
Stick to the above method for one month, you will get great income

Make Money Using Facebook to get 100000 Rupees Per Day Taurus Cash App
1.How do I use Facebook to make referral?
1.1.Find your sharing link

1.1.1.First, open the Taurus and log in, and then click the ‘Affiliates’

4 1

4 2

1.1.2.You will find your sharing link.

4 3

1.2.In the Facebook Homepage

1.2.1.Post your sharing link in comment.

The FB homepage is usually your friends, you can post your sharing link in your friend”s tweet.

4 54 4

1.2.2.Post your sharing link in advertisment.

In addition, this interface can also see advertisements, comments can be made under general advertisements, and you can send your sharing link in the comments. At the same time, you can also send your sharing link in the comments.

4 6

4 7

1.3.In the Groups page

1.3.1.Join the group

Click the group and you can find a group to join.

4 8

1.3.2.In the group interface.

Here, you can post to promote your link.

4 104 9

you can also send your sharing link in the comments of a post.

4 124 11

1.3.3.The second interface is a group. There are many groups in the group. You can join different groups. In different groups, you can directly promote your sharing links in the form of tweets.

4 144 13

2.How do I add friends in Facebook?

2.1.Open the facebook and you will be in home page. And then press the button ‘friend’

4 15

2.2.In friends’ page, you can press the button ‘search’. And then you can search your friends name to make friends with them.

4 174 16

3.In the end
You can select 20 groups every day, and then directly send 20 tweets in each group, and the tweets need to include your sharing link. If you keep doing these steps everyday for a month, you can get great income.

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