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Teen Patti Anand Download Links 2022
Teen Patti Anand Download Links 2022

Teen Patti Anand App : There will be many of you who must have heard about Teen patti anand app. We often get to hear about Teen Patti anand app on social media platforms. But there are very few people who use Teen Patti anand app. If you also want to earn real cash sitting at home, that too with the help of your mobile phone, then now an application has come for you which will give you income up to ₹ 30000 per month. The name of this application is Teen Patti and app. Rummy OP App

About Teen Patti Anand App
Friends, if you do not have much information about Teen Patti anand app, then you do not need to worry because in this article you will be told the complete process of using Teen Patti anand app.

Let me tell you Teen patti anand app is a latest teen patti application whose size is 34 MB. If there is a space problem in your mobile phone or your mobile phone’s RAM is less, then you can download this application without any problem. Second, the specialty related to this application is that this application has been verified by Google. There are many such applications on the Internet, on which our money gets sunk after applying money, but there is no such problem with Teen Patti anand app because it is a secure application.

If you use Teen Patti anand app as a part time job during the day, then you will continue to earn around ₹ 20000 to ₹ 30000. So, without delay, let us tell you all the information about this application one by one.

How To Download Teen Patti Anand APK
Friends, now in the next step we will know how to download Teen Patti anand app? If you want the original and latest version of Teen Patti anand app, then for this you have to download this application directly from the official website of Teen Patti anand app.

On the Internet you will find many such fake platforms where you will get a link to download this application, but you do not have to pay attention to that link. The link we are giving you below, you can download Teen patti anand app by just clicking on this link.

Download Now

After visiting this link you will get the download button. As soon as you click on that download button the file of Teen Patti anand app will be downloaded. Later you can install this application by going to your phone’s settings and turning on Unknown Sources.

How To Register In Anand Teen Patti APK
Teen Patti Anand APK
Teen Patti Anand APK
You get a lot of benefits by registering an account in Anand Teen Patti APK. After registering the account, whatever income you earn here, you can transfer it to your bank account. Apart from this, here you can get free bonus. Not only this, on creating an account, you get a signup bonus of ₹ 20 here.

First of all download Anand Teen Patti APK in your Smartphone.
After downloading this app, you open it.
Now you will get three options of Facebook login, mobile login and guest login to register the account here.
Here you click on the mobile login option and enter your mobile number and password and click on the OTP button.
An OTP will be sent to your mobile number, verify the OTP and create an account.
You will get ₹20 signup bonus immediately once the account is created.
Available Games IN Teen Patti Anand

Teen Patti Anand APK
Teen Patti Anand APK
Inside the Teen Patti anand app we will get a dozen i.e. 12 rummy games. Inside every rummy game you will find a new adventure and a new feature. So many rummy games are being given to you so that if you get bored of playing one game then you can try another. The list of games that are being given to us inside this application and their names are given below.

Best of five
Jhandi munda
Rappid teen Patti
Joker teen Patti game
Dragon vs trigger
Horse racing
7 up down
Teen Patti
Teen Patti War
Baccarat AB

How To Add Money IN Teen Patti Anand App
Teen Patti Anand APK
Teen Patti Anand APK
When you will download this application in your smartphone and open it, first you have to create account, the method we will tell you later. After creating an account, you have to add money to this application.

To add money, you have to go to the window with add money and there you will have to give information related to your Aadhar card, bank details and PAN card.
Now after this you enter your amount.
After entering the amount, you select the payment method and enter its password. Finally you have to click on the confirm button.
Now you will see that you have to wait for about 5 minutes and after that you will get the message of add money and your money will be added.
How To Withdraw Money IN 3 Patti Anand App
On Teen patti anand app, the facility of withdrawing in net banking, mobile banking and direct bank account is available. You can transfer your money to any platform. Here you can take a payment withdrawal of at least ₹ 100. Follow the steps given below to take payment withdrawal.

To transfer money, you go to the cash withdrawal window and give your bank details there.
After this, enter the desired amount but remember that the amount should be on your teen patti anand app wallet.
After entering the amount, click on the OK button.
In no time you will receive a message from Teen Patti anand app and you will get bonus credit in your bank account.
Invite Friends And Earn Money
Teen Patti Anand APK
Teen Patti Anand APK
Friends, if you want to get ₹ 200 absolutely free in a day, then for that you just have to share the link of that teen patti anand app with your 10 friends. If 10 of your friends download this application on their phone by clicking on the link shared by you, then Teen Patti anand app will give you ₹ 200 in return.

If you are successful in getting this application downloaded in the phone of more than 10 people then you will get more money. When you click on Invite Friend button, you will get the link, you have to copy this link and send it to all your friends.

Daily Bonus
You get daily bonus inside teen patti anand app. But the thing to think about here is that there is no limit on daily bonus. Maybe someday you will get a bonus of ₹5 and someday you will get a bonus of 5000.

When you click on Daily bonus option, a piggy bank will open in front of you. You have to click on this piggy bank and the piggy bank will explode. After reaching the piggy bank, you will see the amount from inside it. You will get the amount as a bonus as much as the amount is written. Now it depends on your luck that how much amount will come out inside the piggy bank.

VIP Bonus
We get a VIP bonus inside Teen Patti anand app. There is a huge feature inside the VIP bonus. If you take VIP membership by recharging ₹500, then you get ₹475 cashback instantly. After this, you are given an additional cashback of ₹ 5 for 30 consecutive days. In this way you can win a lot of profit.

On the other hand, if you take VIP membership by ₹ 3000 then you get 2850 immediately. Apart from this, you get ₹ 30 for 28 consecutive days. If you take a VIP plan of ₹ 10000, then you get fifty-five ₹ 100 immediately and ₹ 100 per day for 30 days.

Christmas Day Offer
Inside this application, a special offer is taken out on the occasion of Christmas Day. All you have to do here is check-in on Christmas Day. You get a lot of bonuses during Christmas Day. This offer is valid from 16th December to 28th December.

Customer Support
Helpline facility is also available inside this application. Whatever information we gave you above, if you are facing any kind of problem in it or if the application is not working properly, then you can register your complaint by calling the help line.

Note – This game involves financial risk. You can get addicted to this game. So I have only one advice to all of you guys that you play this game with your own responsibility and patience. If you have any kind of financial loss here, then you yourself will be responsible for it, we and our team will not have anything to do with it because we are writing this article for you and only for your knowledge.

So friends today in this article we learned about Teen Patti and app. We told you what is teen patti anand app and how to download teen patti anand app? how to create account in teen patti anand app? How to add money and withdraw money in Teen Patti anand app? I hope you have understood all this information very well.

If you need any more information like this, then you tell us by commenting. Share our article as much as possible. Thank you for reading our article till the end.

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