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Teen Patti Casino APK :- Teen Patti Casino is a great online money making application, so if you guys also want to earn money by playing online Rummy and Teen Patti games, then Casino Teen Patti App can be very good for you too.

teen patti casino logo
teen patti casino logo
This is because inside it you get a bonus of ₹ 20 on sign-up and ₹ 10 on each friend’s invite and ₹ 5 extra on five games played by your friend, with a Life Time Betting Commission of 1%.

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About Teen Patti Casino App
App Name : Teen Patti Casino App
Sign up Bonus : ₹20
Daily Bonus : Up to ₹100
Min. Withdraw :- ₹100/-
All Supported Game : 17
Official Website :-
This is a type of game earning money application, in which you can earn money by playing games like Teen Patti or Rummy. In this, if you create an account, then you get a bonus of ₹ 20, along with this, you also get a chance to earn money by inviting your friends in it.

teen patti casino app
teen patti casino app
And if you people create an account inside this application, then you get to see daily bonus programs in addition to this bonus and apart from this, you get to see many free gas programs, all of which you take advantage.

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If you guys want to know the program score of this application, then the easiest way is to download this application, after that you read this article step by step and with the help of the program given inside the application, you People learn to run this application then you people will be able to use this application very well

Supported Games in Casino Teen Patti APK !
teen patti casino Games
teen patti casino Games
If you people want to know about this application, then first of all you should also know that if you people want to play the game inside this application, then how many types of games do you get to see, usually a lot. The application supports multiple games, that is, inside it you also get to see a lot of games that you people would like to play, you can play all those games inside it, all the games found inside it, the following Is.

3 Patti
Andar Bahar
Dragon vs Tiger
TP War
Jhandi Munda
Vegas Slot
7 Up Down
Ganesh Gold
Lucky Roller
Car Roulette
4 Patti
Baccarat AB
Note – All the above mentioned games are available in which you can enter and play the game. Financial risk is involved in all these games given above, so you guys have to keep this in mind and play inside all these games, otherwise you may lose money in it.

Free Cash Reward Program
teen patti casino Free Cash Program
Free Cash Program
A program has been given inside it, under which you people get ₹ 200 as free cash. You have to comply after which you guys are able to get this bonus. There are some programs given inside it or some such criteria have to be fulfilled, no matter what program gets activated for you people and you can get this ₹ 200 free cash with the help of this program.

In this ₹ 184.87 is already given in which ₹ 15.13 and you have to remove it after completing
You have to refer to complete the remaining money
If you invite friends, you get zero points for any random amount from ₹0.01 to ₹20 when your friends play for the game.
And on recharge by your friends, you get an amount from ₹ 1 to ₹ 20
If you fulfill all these criteria given above, then after completing the remaining amount in this free cash bonus program, you can easily send this amount to your bank account and this withdrawal Gets instant in your bank account

Daily Bonus Card Program
Daily Bonus Card in Casino Teen Patti
Daily Bonus Card in Casino Teen Patti
Inside this application, if you people click on the button with more activity, then many options will be shown in front of you, out of which there will also be a button with a bonus card, on which if you people click, then you people will get to see a very good program. Whose name will be Daily Bonus Card Program, now with the help of this program, you can increase the amount of good amount, to use this program you will follow the following option

Silver card program has been given inside it, under which you have to invest ₹ 200, in which you get 35% additional ringtone, in which you get ₹ 200 immediately after adding ₹ 200 and according to ₹ 10. Get additional bonus for 7 days
In the second, a Gold Card program has been given inside it, under which you people have to add ₹ 500, due to which you people get an additional return of 42%, in which if you add ₹ 500, then you will get ₹ 500 in your account instantly. and you get additional bonus for 7 days at ₹30 per day
In the Diamond Card, you have to invest ₹ 2000, due to which you get an additional repeat on of 45%, to get which you have to add ₹ 2000 and you get this money immediately, despite this you get ₹ 30 per day. Rate bonus for 30 days
With the help of the above link pan card program, you can get a very good additional commission without any extra loss and you people get this program very easily and you can try it if you want.

Daily Cash for Teen Patti Casino User
teen patti casino Daily Cash Program
Daily Cash Program
Within this, you people have also been given the Daily Bonus Program in a very good way, so if you are interested in getting Daily Bonus, then this application can be very good for you, in which you can get people from ₹ 1 to Rs. Up to a maximum of ₹ 100 is available as a daily bonus, it depends on your luck, how much money you get

To use this program, you have to click on the button with more activity located on the home page, then click on the button with daily cash, after that you have the option to spin in front of people, which will give you a daily basis. The screen is available for free, in which if you people speed up, then you people get a bonus from ₹ 1 to ₹ 100.

Welcome Bonus Flash Sale
teen patti casino Welcome Bonus
teen patti casino Welcome Bonus
Friends, inside this application, you have been given only one very good welcome bonus, under which if you add your money, then you get an additional bonus ranging from 60% to 100% on it and this bonus is applicable only. When you people create a new account and after that add your money, then if you add ₹ 100 then you get 60% extra bonus and if you add ₹ 200 then you get 100% bonus i.e. ₹ 400 you get

Deposit Benefits in Casino Teen Patti Game
teen patti casino Deposits Benefit
teen patti casino Deposits Benefit
Inside this application, a very good event has been given, inside which if you recharge people, then you also have the option to claim a very good extra record in which you can claim extra bonus if you If people recharge above ₹ 1000 in this, then you people get a chance to claim different rewards on every recharge, as the recharge of your people will increase, the amount you claim will also increase, so this program which is 26 It has been launched from February 2022 and this program is still going on so you guys must enjoy this program.

Total Recharge Rewards
1000 50
3000 120
10000 500
30000 1500
60000 2400
120000 5100
250000 17000
500000 25000
1000000 60000
2000000 13000
5000000 500000
Deposits Benefits
Note :- If you people add your money to this application because of the program given above, then it must be kept in mind that you people can be harmed, then be careful with this and save your money from loss or it is just a program

Refer & Earn Cash in Teen Patti Casino App
If you people do not have much interest in playing games and you are very much interested in inviting friends to earn money by becoming an agent, then this application can also be a best choice for you because of this application. Inside too, you have been given only one very good agent program, with the help of which you invite any of your friends, then you are given a very good commission and a very good bonus program on that.

teen patti casino Refer & Earn
teen patti casino Refer & Earn
In this, first of all, you have been given a daily salary program, that is, if you share with any of your friends, then you get a chance to get up to ₹ 1000 as Delhi salary. If you invite any of your friends and if three of them recharge more than ₹ 100, then you people get ₹ 100 out of it and if 13 people recharge like this, then you People get ₹ 300 and if 43 people recharge then you people get ₹ 600 which together you get ₹ 1000 in total

To get referred, click on the Refer & Earn button on the home page
After that you have to select the share option
In which you will get a button to share on other platforms apart from Facebook and WhatsApp.
Or you can copy your referral link and share it with any of your friends by clicking on the people button
After this, if your player or any of your members join through this link, then you will get commission.
Rules of Refer & Earn
In this, if you refer people, then it is very good, the rule has been given, with the help of which if you refer people, then according to different labels or different positions, you get percentage of commission in which if you refer If you join any of your down numbers, then you get a commission of 5% on it and out of the members who joined under them, you get 1.6% and by doing the same, you also get commission on many different down members in which 0.3 % to 0.1% is not found

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Add Cash Program in Teen Patti Casino App
teen patti casino Add Cash Program
teen patti casino Add Cash Program
The Add Cash program that is contained inside the Casino Teen Patti Apk is quite good. Within this program, you are able to deposit a minimum of 100, and the medium to deposit money is offered through UPI and Paytm, so you can use whichever method is most convenient for you. You are able to very effortlessly add money through.

To begin, navigate to the site’s homepage and select the ADD CASH button there.
After that, choose either UPI or PAYTM as your method of payment; for example, if I go with PAYTM.
Then click the ADD CASH button after choosing an amount from the drop-down menu that appears below the amount box.
After then, the Paytm No. will be in front of you. After you click the Proceed button, the Enter option will appear, in which you can enter your Paytm number.
After the transaction has been successfully completed, you can pay using your Paytm Wallet or your bank account.
Your money will be safely deposited into your account upon its successful receipt.
If you people adopt this tape given above, then you people will be very easy to add your money inside this application and you will not face any kind of problem in this because we have given you a very simple and It has been explained in easy language that how you people will add your money inside this application in which you will get maximum profit and there will be no more chance of loss.

Withdraw Program in Teen Patti Casino App
teen patti casino payment proof
teen patti casino payment proof
After becoming a premium player in it, which requires you to recharge your account with a minimum of 100, you will then be able to withdraw the winning amount from it, which is kept at a minimum of 100 only. If you want to withdraw from the account inside the game account, you will first need to become a premium player in it.

To do this, my friends, you will need to locate the button labelled “Redeem” on the homepage and click on it.
After that, you’ll be able to see the totals of all the winning sums in your game.
After making your selection, which must be at least one hundred yen, click the “Withdraw” option.
The next step is to enter your banking details and then click the Withdraw button; this will ensure that your withdrawal goes through successfully.
Can you guys face problem in making withdrawals inside the application, if this happens to you people, then do not forget to follow this tape given above very well otherwise you people will also face problem in taking withdrawal and given above If you guys come to this tape, then you guys will be able to remove it very easily

How to Get Support in Teen Patti Casino App?
teen patti casino Support
teen patti casino Support
If you guys want to get customer support or help for any problem inside this application, then a very good program of support has been given for you, with the help of which you can get better from telegram on number as well as online. You can take support from and along with this, the option of message has also been given inside it, with the help of which you can take support, whatever is the means of taking support is the following –

Telegram :- 44 7459775982
Email :-
website :-
Through these 3 steps given above or the message box given below, you can take support very easily and you can easily solve any problem in your given account.

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Q.1. How much registration bonus do you get in Teen Patti Casino App?
Ans. On creating an account in this application, there is a chance to get a signup bonus of ₹ 20 and a maximum of ₹ 100 as a daily bonus

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