The obsession of India on the Teen Patti game is legendary. The game is actually played since many years ago, and simply with three cards, it is enough to draw people’s attention. So, what is the Teen Patti game and why is it so special to make everyone fond of it? To answer the question, one must know the rules of the Teen Patti game.

Every Indian has definitely heard of the Teen Patti Game. Doubt it? Try to ask any Indian that you meet. The card game is a household name in different parts of India and actually out of the country too. The Teen Patti Game is named in a different way in various places, some say “Flush”, some say “Flash”, but they all refers to the three-card game, which is the literal translation of the Teen Patti Game.

The obsession of India on the Teen Patti Game is legendary. The game is actually played since many years ago, and simply with three cards, it is enough to draw people’s attention. So, what is the Teen Patti Game and why is it so special to make everyone fond of it? To answer the question, one must know the rules of the Teen Patti G\ame.

The Basic Rules of Teen Patti You Should Know About

Teen Patti Game includes 3 to 7 players and 1 dealer. It can be enjoyed at home among a group of close friends and families, or simply log on to a virtual Teen Patti Game table to join any online players. A Teen Patti Game is not only for fun, but also, in most of the time, a chance to win some pocket money! Before the start of each Teen Patti Game, a pot has to be decided. An ante or boot amount will be put in the middle of the table in terms of chips contributed by each player. The winner, will then get everything from this pot. Good luck to win big!
At the start, the dealer will distribute 3 cards to each of the players in an anticlockwise sequence, with all cards facing down. The betting then begins from the player sitting immediate left to the dealer. A Teen Patti Game allows players to bet without any limit on the rounds. A player can choose to fold, which means not continuing the game. Remember, the objective of a Teen Patti Game is to have the strongest hand. The hand is ranked under certain rules and whoever stays in the game wins and have the greatest hand wins. In other words, if all other players fold, the betting ends instantly and the player who remains automatically wins the game.

Why is Teen Patti so obsessing?

There are several ways to answer this question. We all love Teen Patti because of different reason, and here are a few top picks:

Simple but brainy

Teen Patti Game does not only test your luck, but also how skillful you are in arranging your cards and sometimes, fooling your opponents to win the pot. Here is the trick: the winner of Teen Patti might have the strongest hand as we previously mentioned, but actually in many cases, you can still win even if you are not having the luckiest cards. All you need to do is to study the behavior and playing pattern of your opponents, and know what they would do in reaction to your move. It is actually as brainy as it sounds! Be careful with your expressions and emotions as well, because they might be the clues for other players to see way beyond your cards.

Fast in time – suit the modern days

Teen Patti might take a lot of brain juice, but it is actually quite a fast game to play. Each round takes around 5 minutes or less, meaning that with such a short period of time, you can already win big! Although the game is short, there is still a lot of room for you to show your skills. Stay creative and don’t be predictable! This helps you to get most fun and excitement out of this simple card game.

Different variations – anywhere, anytime

Our lives are now so different, under the current situation of the pandemic, and also the fast and furious digitalization of the whole world. The way we socialize has changed, and so does the way we play. Now, thanks to the advancement in technology and communication, it is way easier to connect with people in different places, even complete strangers. That is why, with a sophisticated gaming platform, you can engage in a game anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a mobile device. Keep being entertained whenever you are free with a few taps on your phone!

A real-life chance to win big

There are not so many chances to win money in a fun way. Most people have to work round the clock to get to that. But with Teen Patti, you can definitely get a chance to win some extra money and have fun at the same time. Train your skills in playing cards and learn from other players. Enjoy the little spark in your life when you feel lucky and win big money!

Download TeenPatti Cash to start your journey!

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