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TeenPatti Vungo is India’s twist on 3 card poker. TeenPatti, also known as Indian Poker, Flush, Flash or 3 card Brag, is a popular card game played in many parts of the world. Players bet based on the strength of their cards and the one with the strongest hand wins the pot.

You may love Bridge, Rummy, or Matka, but Teenpatti game is still the king! And TeenPatti Vungo is the best free online card game that allows you to play free TeenPatti with real players from all over the world. Challenge your friends to the most exciting social Indian poker game for Free!

The game is also known as Teenpatti, 3 patti,flash & flush card game. The objective of the game is to have the best 3-card poker hand and to maximize the pool before the showdown. The cards are ranked as follows (From High to low):

1. Trail (three of a kind): Three cards of the same rank.
2. Pure Sequence (Straight Flush): Three consecutive cards of the same suit.
3. Sequence (Straight): Three consecutive cards not all in the same suit.
4. Color (Flush): Three cards of the same suit that are not in sequence.
5. Pair (two of a kind): Two cards of the same rank.
6. High Card: A hand of three cards which is not a pair, sequence, flush, trail or pure. The best high card hand in teen patti would be AKJ

Invite your friends and challenge them in TeenPatti Vungo – raise the ante, trap them with sets, call their bluffs and have unlimited fun! You can bet strategically with your seen cards or test your luck by playing blind.

TeenPatti Vungo is intended for an adult audience for entertainment purposes only. This game is only for players over 21 years old. TeenPatti Vungo just simulates the game with virtual currency. Success at sicual casino gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it involve in any real money gambling.COLLAPSE


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Braim LuveniaMay 21, 2021123I play 3 patti from last 6 years. I would say this is definitely one of the most awesome app to enjoy free time. I will request you to try VIP recharge, this is super fast for us to add cash. And all the chips sellers are official guaranteed by Vungo. So there is absolutely no need to worry about yo…Full Review

Tebbit MckayaMay 21, 2021122One of the best online game in whole world ..I like only this game best of the features in the game no loading just easy to play .best of online passtime for yourself and with other people . please download and see how it is working to bring you lots of fun.Thanks, Vungo team.Great experiences very …Full Review

SSSMay 19, 202143This is a rubish game,,too much bugs and i had a very worst experience .. I recommend not to instal this app or not to play this game .. When ever I complete the required in the game and about to win the game network fails bt on the other hand network is good… This is a scam 😠😠😠😠😠… Maan to …Full Review

Evennett CadanceMay 21, 202122I love this game. If we don’t have any network problem we can enjoy this game. In this game mostly I like Rummy. Because in Rummy we have to play mindly. When I get bored I play this game and I get refreshed. And there is enjoy in this game. So I love to play this game.Everybody should really come a…Full ReviewREAD ALL REVIEWS


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